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Those of you who have been here a while may remember my previous posts about Tennis in No Time at Midtown Athletic Club-Willowbrook. Tennis is No Time is BACK and starting May 1!!! This is the BEST time to take this class and be ready to play outdoor with friends and family this Summer!

Midtown has undergone MAJOR Renovations, and I was blown away when I stopped by to check it out. The club is beautiful and so clean. Midtown has put in many new safety and cleaning procedures and the tennis courts and Tennis in No Time Program is no exception.

Full disclosure–I am NOT a tennis player and I generally shy away from trying new things that require athleticism. But, this is an exception that I am glad I made!

Have you every heard of the program, Tennis in No Time? I hadn’t either until the information was sent to my by the Tennis Director, Zane Fulton, at Midtown in Willowbrook. Turns out this program has been teaching women tennis in no time for 40 years! It is a Super fun introductory tennis program, 4 classes over the course of a month, starting May 1. Midtown is offering multiple class times (being mindful of those of us with kids in 1/2 day school), and Midtown as a company has started over 10,000 people playing tennis in TNT since starting the program 40 years ago! Super cool! And, how awesome is this– if a non-member enrolls in the program, they are able to use the club as a member would on the day they have their class.!!!

I have participated in Tennis in No Time and I ABSOLUTELY LOVED it–much to my own surprise. The classes were so well planned, and I had a great time with my friends while brushing up my rusty tennis skills. I had so much more confidence after my 4 weeks with the pros at Midtown, got a great workout, and had tons of fun.

So just how long is “no time”? The program runs for 4 weeks and each week there is an hour and a half session. Zane assured me that when you complete this program you will be able to go out and play a match with family or friends or even just have a fun rally, and I definitely found that to be true!  It can also be the perfect gateway to more tennis in your future. I couldn’t believe it, but I could play tennis post program!

It truly is for beginners or those of us who maybe haven’t picked up a racket in 20 years (that was me by the way). The ball is different and so is the racquet, just slight changes that encourage contact with the ball and as we progress so does the ball. I can’t begin to explain what a difference this makes–you have to try it! The program is going to cover all of the basics and even if you’ve never played before you can hang with this class. There are also two social events that go along with this program–so fun! The class sizes will be limited and racquets will be sanitized between uses. Tennis has always been considered a low risk activity and Midtown is keeping safety in mind with the design of this program and the club.

The cost of the program is $129 for non-Midtown Members ($89 for Members) and like I mentioned above, while you are enrolled in this program you’re able to use the club as much as you want on the day of your class.  You can not lose with this program.

I would love to have you join me in this awesome program! Who is in?!?!?

For more information or to register contact Zane Fulton 630-861-7731 Be sure and tell him The Hinsdale Area Moms sent you 😉

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