Curious about EMSCULPT? I tried it at Contours of Hinsdale… | Hinsdale Area Moms

Have you ever wondered what Emsculpt felt like? Well, I am here to give you the full run down of my recent Emsculpt Session at Contours of Hinsdale.

First of all, a little bit about Emsculpt. Emsculpt is an FDA-approved, non-invasive, high intensity electromagnetic procedure that claims to build and strengthen muscles in your abs, arms, butt, and legs.  Emsculpt works by emitting electromagnetic pulses that force your muscles to contract about 20,000 times in just 30 minutes (a WAY more intense workout than you can do on your own), and in turn strengthens your muscle fibers.

Contours of Hinsdale, is located right on Chicago Ave in downtown Hinsdale and it is a beautiful office, you will feel relaxed the moment you walk in. Contours of Hinsdale specializes in CoolSculpting and Emsculpt and after your initial consultation you will be ready to get started.

Emsculpt is SO easy, literally, you lay down, get hooked up to the machine and it gets to work! I decided to try it on my abs, mommy tummy can definitely use the help! The extension of the machine that vibrates is placed and secured in position. I could feel the vibration right away, and definitely felt my abs contracting and getting to work, but don’t worry–NO soreness with this ab “workout” thanks to the third phase of EmSculpt which is designed to help flush lactic acid out of the body. Although it is noticeable, I would not describe it as uncomfortable and within a few minutes I was used to the sensation and could really relax.

Emsculpt is a wonderful addition to your workout routine and like anything else the more you do it the better the results. I really noticed the following day during my traditional workout that my abs felt more engaged and stronger.

If you want to try it out for yourself or just want to learn more, Contours of Hinsdale is the place to go. Call to schedule your free consultation today. (630) 207-7055.

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